BalFab Services has over 50 years
accumulated experience in dust
and mist collection systems,
dynamic balancing service,
fan repair and rebuilding &
full dust collector service.

BalFab Services is committed to quality in everything we do.


Daily Operating Standards

Our commitment to quality in everything we do is key to our daily operating standards, going the extra mile or just the extra step is highly sought after but not frequently found.  BalFab Services takes that extra step to insure satisfaction.

Attention To Detail

We pride ourselves on paying attention to the smallest of details keeping projects on task and jobs completed on time, with quality as a top priority focusing not only on the functionality of the project but the aesthetics as well

Personal Customer Service

Our personal customer service allows us to give your project the attention it deserves and the results you expect.


Rick is known as the face of BalFab Services by many.  His contribution to the company is his commitment to quality and in his many years of experience.  As a business owner he has an appreciation for quality as well as for value which is evident in every project.

His unique ability to problem solve is a difficult find in this industry which sets him apart in the eyes of many of his customers.

Rick enjoys being tasked with new challenges and helping to problem solve his customer’s needs no matter how diverse they maybe.  He values the one on one relationship that have been formed with all of his customers.